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IMPORTANT! Please read before booking:

Balloon flights are extremely weather sensitive. We frequently must postpone flights due to weather conditions. If you are traveling from a distance, we strongly recommend booking your flight EARLY in your stay in case your flight is postponed. We cannot overstate the importance of being flexible in your planning when booking a hot air balloon ride.

The chances of being able to fly on your first scheduled date are about 65%. This is simply the nature of ballooning, and must be comprehended in your plans to avoid disappointment. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note weight restrictions. The capacity of hot air balloons varies depending on several different factors, including size of the balloon, ambient temperature at flight time and relative humidity. Under normal conditions, the balloons we fly can accommodate pilot plus 4-5 average sized adult passengers. Because of the wide range of temperatures and throughout our flying season, it’s impossible for us to give a set weight limit. However, our general guideline is that individuals over 250 pounds or any group of two with a combined weight over 425 pounds must call regarding reservations. We want everyone to enjoy the ballooning experience, so we do our best to work with you to make that happen within the confines of safety!